How become a blogger? If you really think about it then there is surely no better platform than WordPress to start blogging. WordPress is considered and preferred by almost every one for their websites for multiple reasons like it can make your work simpler and also easy to perform for most of the bloggers and website owners.

If you are still in doubt then have a look 5 reasons for why WordPress for bloggers is the best

WordPress Support – WordPress is one of the largest platforms for every blogger by which you can easily customize your site according to your preference with no coding issues. Every site owner or a blogger can easily find all their answers to their questions they have regarding WordPress. If you start blogging, there’s no better place to start than WP.

WP Themes – One more reason on why you should go for WP is the because of their most wonderful themes they have to offer. It is necessary to have a strong content but also to ensure that your website looks appealing, which can be made much easier by many free and paid themes. The main goal of WordPress was to make website designing easy for both bloggers and owners of the sites.

Plugins – Another reason you have to use WordPress is due to the plugins they offer. Plugins are mostly used to add or adding a feature that is not available on with themes. With WP you are able to use multiple plugins on WP which are best suited to your site. By using plugins and extensions you can also add social media icons.

SEO Friendly – It is really of no advantage to have a great content and attractive site until there are visitors coming in to read the material. You won’t get good visitors if the site appears on the third to fourth page of Google. WP is an amazing tool which is SEO friendly too. Here there are multiple plugins which can be added to enhanced website performance.

Security – One of the biggest and most key benefits of choosing WP for your site is that you can relax and totally be reliable on them for security. The protection and security of a website is very much important because you will not really want any third party to access the confidential and sensitive details of your guests.

These are my top 5 reason as in why WordPress for bloggers is the choice to pick is you are thinking on how become a blogger.

Thank You!