If your business isn’t advertised on Facebook, you’re passing up a big market of potential buyers. With all of the information on Facebook accounts at your disposal, it’s simple to optimize the potential of your ads through consumer targeting and ad testing. Consider Facebook ads. If you want to know how advertise on facebook, you must first consider what it means to advertise on this particular social media site.

5 Reasons why you should advertise on facebook

Global Audience

Facebook places the advertisements in front of the world’s largest advertisement audience. Facebook has over 1.55 billion monthly active users, or those who have signed in within the last 30 days, resulting in 22 billion ad clicks per year. That’s a lot of traffic that could be directed to your website. Facebook also facilitates the expansion of your network of company connections. Most companies have Facebook accounts for their businesses and use them to remain connected with their sectors.


Facebook advertising had the lowest expense of 1,000 views in advertising history. A daily ad investment of $1 would get your ad in front of 4,000 viewers. That equates to a quarter per 1,000 impressions, or 1% of the cost of television ads.

Pinpoint Targeting

The targeting opportunities for Facebook ads are unparalleled, allowing you to pinpoint target your users using profile information. Aside from the standard age/gender/location metrics, you can also target advertising based on people’s stated preferences, college major, and email address. If it’s a category on their profile, it can be used to target your ads.

Testing Made Easy

Because of the versatility of Facebook advertising, it is useful as a research method to determine which types of advertisements perform well for specific viewers. For eg, over the course of a month, you can try and see whether modifying the written copy or graphic material yields better outcomes with the same crowd. Alternatively, you should measure the success of the same ad in slightly different categories to determine which viewer is more interested in your advertisements.

Optimizing for the Target Audience

You may also experiment to see which types of advertisements provide the best results for your money. Post interaction, regular unique reach, views, and clicks will all be tailored for in your advertising. Facebook will assist you in targeting the kind of audience that is most likely to provide the results you are paying for.

These are the 5 reason to advertise on Facebook before you know how advertise on facebook.