Search Engine Optimisation, being one of the vast concepts of Digital Marketing it is tough to ace at it. And if you are new to it, then there would be times when you might black out because of its complexity but as we know, every problem comes with a solution and our only work is to find out the pathway to that solution but thank’s to the experts, our work has already been done by the most trusted ones out there. The solution to ace at SEO is to make use of the certain tools and techniques that would eventually help you gain a better understanding of the concept and considering which, in this article we will be discussing about the best SEO tool that would help you bring the best outcome. Check out the list below;

Google Search Console

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Google Search Console is one of best SEO freemium tool known for delivering accurate reports related to a website’s performance, check the manual actions if any and so on. The index report makes this tool stand out in the crowd; through Google Search Console you can get a report about the pages that are not getting indexed by the Google along with the reasons which would help you fix it at the earliest.

Seed Keywords

Though there are many options available when it comes to keywords but we would suggest you to go for Seed Keywords mainly because of its easy to understand and use interface, also the keywords suggested by the Seed Keywords are considered to the best of it. For SEO, Keywords is the vital factor that could lead any website to rank so not to worry as Seed Keywords would bring out the best keywords for you.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

You must be aware about the latest algorithm update made by Google which says it is important for a website to be optimized for mobile phones. Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool would let you know whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Also, it features the page loading issues considering which you can improve the website performance and make it rank faster.

Though the list is huge when it comes to SEO tools, through this article we have conveyed you the best SEO tool that will help your website rank better and faster. To know more about SEO, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.