Ever since ResellerClub hosting got established, it has expanded to host innumerable domains. The amazing features and quality of service it offers has made it one of the premier players in the web hosting industry. In spite of the growth, it has constantly continued to place strong emphasis on customer service and support. Its complete transparency regarding solving problems and also engaging with clients has earned it a loyal customer base and a great reputation among the webmasters.

Salient Features 

ResellerClub offers not just shared hosting, but also Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting for individuals as well as businesses, which need something more that is secure and flexible.

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  • It has 100% uptime guarantee
  • It gives unlimited hosted domains
  • It gives unlimited disk space
  • It gives unlimited bandwidth

In case you want a shared hosting plan, you will get everything you need at ResellerClub for just Rs.235/month. This includes unlimited storage as well as bandwidth, as many domains as you wish, technical support (24/7) and antispam protection. It also gives 30-day money-back guarantee.

The details of its hosting packages are given below:

1) Shared Web Hosting Plan:

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This is the most basic of Resellerclub’s hosting packages and is ideal for most webmasters. Shared hosting includes:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and websites for hosting
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts, SMTP and IMAP enabled
  • You get Linux OS
  • One click install software with the cPanel Control Panel

Personal shared hosting plan for a single domain is priced at Rs.235 and it costs Rs.290 for unlimited domains. It ensures you get 100% uptime and the unlimited resources give a lot of room for growth before having to upgrade to a much more robust package. 

2) ResellerClub Hosting Plans (VPS):

For websites that get heavy traffic and demand dedicated resources, virtual private server hosting is the best option. There is no sharing of resources with other clients on a VPS because of the partitioning between the virtual servers. This ultimately results in faster server speed, more reliability and dedicated resources.

3) Dedicated Server Plans:

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For webmasters with stabilized sites that require maximum speed, flexibility and resources, fully dedicated server hosting is the main hosting option. As the name itself suggests, the client gets a complete server dedicated to its sites. No resources are shared, and the server will be fully configured to meet the requirements of the client.

Customer Support

Technical support for the shared plans is done through a ticket system, and most of the queries are responded within twelve hours. The support team is very friendly and patient.

Our Verdict

If you are new and wish to set up a website or if you have an established website, ResellerClub is the best hosting provider currently and you must consider opting for their services.