HostGator Reviews

Hostgator was developed by Brent Oxley in the year 2002. The company grew in a very short span of time since its inception from a single employee to hundreds of employees and earned 21st position on the list of 5000 fastest growing companies in the year 2008. There are many reasons why the hosting provider has stolen the show – it’s the unbelievable discounts and offers, which it launches every now and then. Here’s a look at the discounts that Hostgator offers.

The Special Discount: WHSR30

It has two primitive discount schemes: SNAPPY and the $0.01 cent off offer, which gives 10-20% of discounts to its buyers. However, these are not the best offers; the discount code WHSR30DISCOUNT offers about 30% discount.

Now, let us see how the discount affects your different levels of purchases on various packages.

Hatching plan costs about $4.95/month and after discount it will cost you $3.47/month. So, you can enjoy $17.88 savings. Baby plan costs you around $7.95/month, but after discount $5.56/month. Here you enjoy a savings of $28.68. The Business plan costs $12.95/month, which will cost you around $9.06/month. With this, you can save around $46.62. Now you can see the before and after prices. Isn’t it amazing?

What Does HostGator Offer?

Hostgator offers 3 types of packages- Hatchling, Baby and Business that suits the needs of different types of users. The Hatchling and Baby packages offer the same Unlimited plan, but Hatcling is bit different as it allows only one domain to get hosted without dedicated IP. In business plan, you can get far more facilities with unlimited space, free dedicated hosting IP, a toll-free business number with 100 minutes of free talk time including free SSL.

Let’s have a quick look at the server performance.

As the search engines now identify faster websites to rank higher, it is very important that you opt for fast and rapid hosting.

Enormous Options to Grow

Initially, Hostgator offers 3 plans as discussed above, but it offers VPS up to 12 levels, dedicated hosting plans and reseller options. In other words, there are enormous options to grow with HostGator; you need not have to worry about your outgrowing websites.

Eco-Friendly Operations

Hostgator is a certified green webhost; it would be astonishing and appreciable to learn and know that most of the Hostgator operations are powered by wind energy. It means for every unit of energy utilized, Hostgator has to restore 1.3 unit through purchasing certified Renewable Energy Credits and giving back clean energy back to the grid.

Reasonable Plans

Though many are already addicted to the Baby Gator hosting plan, keeping in mind the immense positivity drawn from the reviews of Business plan, it can be recommended to all those who want to play to have Business plan and see the opportunity. You can have numerous facilities like toll free number (with free call time), including free private SSL, dedicated IP that too just at $12.95/mo.

These are the reviews and feedbacks gathered from the loyal user base of Hostgator; however, the hosting provider is on its journey and on the way to bring us more and more surprises and opportunities with high quality services and pricing.

Our Verdict

The feature-loaded Hostgator offers you all the tools needed to own a quickly loading, functional website. A great choice to be considered by every webmaster!

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