HostPapa is well established as an independent hosting service with a clear interface and cost competitive hosting plans for various types of websites. We’ve created a list of some of the key features of the business, which never fails to make someone looking for a hosting solution amazing to give you an overview of HostPapa.

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Listed below are the major characteristics that are worth considering

Customer support

HostPapa provides the customer service team an extensive range. The users can conveniently access the specialist to solve problems 24/7 via smartphone, live chat and ticketing system. In addition to immediate advice, users can also consider the service given to them by the video guides covering the majority of problems. You may also learn about the development of the website by doing this. Hundreds and thousands of publications are split into various groups in the information base help. All you need to do is to submit the request via the do-it-for-me segment of local experts, others who migrate for you, who can even support you of creating your website from scratch.


Hostpapa has a broad number of safety features, mostly based on the hosting service and the location of the website you choose. The security of the webstored platform is highly critical. The Company Pro Strategy only offers continuous backups. The popular hosting service provides Panda Cloud spam control system built into each package, including the bill. Any plans are provided with a dedicated IP address and domain anonymity, and all packets have free SSL certificates.


However, one of the few web hosting service providers reporting uptime guarantee of almost 100% can not be asserted by a web hosting service provider. The organization promises 99.99 percent uptime. The proposals employ the Cloudflare content distribution network to offer better user interface for fast content delivery. The programs are It also aims to simplify the project and increase the response time on the website. HostPapa ‘s summary is truly amazing and HostPapa continuously works on the enhancements to enhance the experience. The built-in cache framework offers quicker pages, currently 759ms loading time. Cachewall is also used to provide the website with added security.

Free Domain name

Each consumer would have the ability to register the name of their domain and to use it for the first year free of charge for their specified hosting service. A custom domain registry tool is included in the framework and you won’t have to move between multiple websites.

Custom Website Builder

The simple to use custom website builder ensures that while designing your website, you have a hassle free experience. To build a website, drag-and – drop editors quick to develop the website and deploy the website, you do not need coding skills.

HostPapa provides one of the most compelling service providers for the operation , maintenance and help of Online projects with an easy-to-be-used web hosting system.

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