How to cancel a web hosting

If you wish to cancel your hosting service, you will need to fill out and submit our cancellation request form:

You know the last four characters of your Main password.

The email address listed in the profile section of your account is current.

If you have forgotten your password, just click Forgot Password on the login screen and they will send you an email with a link so that you can update it.

Confirm that you have all the necessary backups of your emails, files and databases, and that the renewal department can proceed with the cancellation and deletion of all emails, files and databases associated with your account from our servers.

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Confirm that you understand that DNS zone changes will no longer be available, and to obtain those services you will need to point your name server to another provider or renew your hosting.

Confirm that you consider canceling your hosting account and will delete all website and website files for all domains in your account.

alt="How to cancel a web hosting"

Before requesting cancellation, they may ask that you log into your Just Host Control Panel and confirm the following:

Login to your VIP Control account.

Click the bottom menu at the top left of the page> Hosting from the My Services option.

Choose the Manage button for the service you want to cancel

You will then find the canceled service option under the admin section on the left

Here you will be able to cancel your service and fill the form presented

Once you hit the Cancel service it will be submitted

Once a request to cancel is received, you will receive an email confirmation. If you change your mind, please get in touch with us immediately to avoid service interruption or data loss. This will ensure that all files and data are removed from your service. It is recommended that you back up anything to be used in the future.