Discounts and sales have always been one of the most effective ways of attracting more and more web hosting customers. If you time your seasonal hosting offers with some good beforehand marketing and planning, you can see considerable rise in sales of your hosting packages. You need to think of some basic factors before you go ahead with this strategy. 

Understand why you want to run a price promotion in first place, which will in turn help in deciding what your promotional offer would be like. Implementation of the promotion is another very important factor you should ponder upon. Then developing marketing strategies to promote the offer and the tenure for which the promotion would last also play a big role in the success of promotional seasonal web hosting offers.  

5 Effective Ways to Design Your Web Hosting Offers and Promotions

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  1. To begin with, don’t set a pricing point that becomes impossible to sustain after sometime. Of course, with a big discount you can hope for many customers in one lot, but not thinking of future at the same time can backfire for sure. Your web hosting customers won’t last long with you if they have to pay much bigger renewal prices. As a web hosting business owner, you have to understand that retaining your customers is as important as getting new ones. 
  2. Your customers should clearly understand what they are getting in their package. They should have crystal clear understanding of the services and products. Hiding things from customers will only lead to confusion and most probably cancellations at a later stage. 
  3. The promotion you make should be very simple and easy to understand. Don’t include too many clauses to make the whole promotion confusing as this would only put off the potential customers and they may not reach you in that case. All exceptions and rules should be a part of the terms and conditions and shouldn’t be integrated in the deal. 
  4. It is very important that your promotion makes sense. Don’t make an offer that is already present in the web hosting market and is being offered by almost everyone. At the same time, the offer should be beneficial and worthwhile to you as well. Work out your numbers. See what would be your profit if you generate 5 sales, 10 sales, 100 sales and likewise. If you already have these figures then look at the lifetime value of the customer or at least for next 5 years. Find out how much profit a customer may generate in the next 4-5 years for you and do the math for 5 customers, 10, and 100 and so on. 
  5. Terms and conditions are a must and should include all the details that a customer should know about. It is better to have the terms and conditions on a separate page but it should be in-depth, which would make sure you are not hiding anything as web hosting customers don’t like waking up to unpleasant surprises after they have signed up with you.