Inmotion Hosting is not a very popular hosting service that has been in the web hosting for decades now.

It is a privately held web hosting company that specialized in WordPress. Although it is not limited to WordPress Hosting since it has variety of other hosting plans such as Shared Business Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

It offers other type of hosting such as eCommerce Hosting, SSD Hosting, Ruby Hosting, SQl Hosting, cPanel Hosting etc.

Things We Liked About Inmotion Hosting

  • Uptime 

Inmotion Hosting provides a great deal of uptime i.e. 99.9 % this is due the use of SSD Drives and Data Servers. 

According to the industry standard it is a great feature since most of the company can easily this feat. The good thing about Inmotion Hosting is that you can request for refund if your website has an uptime lower than 99.99 % if you  have signed up for the pro plan.

  • Freebies(SSL & Automatic)

Everybody likes freebies and goodies and web hosting seekers are no exception. It offers an excellent offer that most people would like i.e. 9- Days Money Back Guarantee. 

This is unique because the industry standard is 45 days to 60 days. However, it does not apply for clients paying monthly or quarterly or half yearly.

 It offers premium Comodo SSL certificates with every purchase. So you website will turn to HTTPS from HTTP , which is a sign of security. You will get tons of other benefits such as Google/Bing Ads credit, Free Site Transfer, Bold Grid Website Builder etc. 

  • Website Builder- 

If you are looking for a website builder then, Inmotion Hosting offers one of the best website builder. It is priced at 30 $ per year , which most people won’t hesitate to pay.

 People will zero coding skills will be able to build a WordPress website. It comes with tons of customization such as themes, widgets and templates. Our experts claim that is one of the powerful website builder that can help you to build professional websites.

  • Free Domain Names-  

Inmotion Hosting provides free domain with all of their plan. And that includes Business Shared Plan, VPS Plan, Dedicated Plan etc. 

However, we are not sure if that includes premium domain are included such as .com, .net and .org.  You can register any TLD on their website as they provide domain registry services to the clients. If you have an existing domain you can get it transfer for free when purchasing any of their plans. It does offer features such as Secure Transfer Locking, Automatic Domain Renewable and control panel to manage the domains. You can obtain Domain Privacy for 12.99 $ per year.

  • Customer Support 24/7

Customer Support is the life and blood of a company. Inmotion hosting has one of the best team in  this regard with depth and expertise. The customer team can be reached by call, email and ticket system.

If you like to figure things on your own then you use Knowledge Base as it will be your hand guide for figuring out most common issues. There are tons of guides, tutorials , articles and infographics available that can help you. So in real practice they have about 5000 + content to serve your needs.

What we didn’t like about Inmotion Hosting ?

  • No Asian Data Center- 

If you are looking for web hosting services that has servers in Asia then probably Inmotion Hosting is not for you. Since Asia is a growing market and your business is focused on Asian region ,then you might want to consider other hosting service such as GoDaddy, InterServer,SiteGround.

Since they have data centres located in Asia, especially places such as Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

Moreover, if our business servers the Pacific Region we wouldn’t recommend to use it. Since it can make your sites slow and logy. 

  • Too Many Plans –

There are tons of additional services offered by Inmotion hosting. This might not be a bad thing but you have to pay for using various plans and can’t be integrated without signing up for other plan.
For example, if you choose WordPress Hosting you will have to use  signing for Magneto Hosting if you want to use it. Therefore , you need to be consider what type of features you want for your project.  

Types Of Hosting Offers

Shared – 

This type of Hosting is one of the most common type of Hosting service offered by Inmotion. It has great for small blogs and small business. It offers free domain when opting for Shared Hosting and it is powered with fast SSD drives Meaning no room for compromise of power and performance.

The  Shared Hosting plans are – 

  • Launch – 3.99 $ per month
  • Power -5.99 $ per month
  • Pro – 13.99 $ per  month 

You can expect a 90 days back guarantee, Data Automated Back and 1 click restore, Code friendly in Ruby, PHP, MySQL , and Google Apps Integration.  

WordPress – 

WordPress Hosting is the ultimate hosting service offered by Inmotion. It has great for any kind of website from small to large. Since WordPress enables you to handle content better and customized according to your needs.   It offers free domain when opting for Shared Hosting and it is powered with fast SSD drives Meaning no room for compromise of power and performance.

The WordPress Hosting plans are – 

  • WP-1000S- 4.99 $ per month
  • WP-2000S -7.99 $ per month
  • WP-3000S -10.99 $ per  month 
  • WORDPRESS VPS- 22.99 $ per month

You can expect a 90 days back guarantee, Data Automated Back and 1 click restore, Free Domain Transfer, Preinstalled WordPress,  Free Plugins e-commerce support, Free Themes and Fast Servers. 

Cloud –  

Cloud VPS Hosting is one of the growing hosting services known for its power and  security. Inmotion Hosting is best suited for medium blogs to large website business. VPS plan ultimate power and reliability  powered with fast Linux SSD drives, 5 cPanel accounts, WHM license and 10X CentOS

The Cloud Hosting plans are – 

  • VPS-1000HA-S- 22.99 $ per month
  • VPS-2000HA-S- 34.99 $ per month
  • VPS-3000-HA-S- 54.99 $ per  month 

There are important features such as Real-time availability, cPanel & WHM included, e-commerce ready and optimized, Faster CPU, 90 day Money back Guarantee.

Dedicated –  

Dedicated Hosting is perfect for professional websites and business. It is known as Bare Metal Hosting , that provides 20 X Faster SSD Servers , meaning greater performance and uptime. The data centres are located at Internet Exchange points meaning better speeds and reliability. 

The  Shared Hosting plans are – 

  • Managed Dedicated Servers– 139.99 $ per month
  • Unmanaged/BareMetal Dedicated Servers  -99.99 $ per month

Dedicated Server plan is best for agencies and business. You can expect fast installations of software including NGINX, latest security patches updates, free powerful SSL Certificates to guard your website. And most importantly 1-on-1 SysAdmin services.

Our Verdict  

Inmotion Hosting is one best service for hosting that is privately hosted. It is known as the emerging guy of the industry. However, it has been around the business for over than two decades meaning that it is not a amateur in any case.

We liked it for its performance, customers and lots of freebies. If you are looking for a web hosting services then we highly recommend you Inmotion Hosting as it will not upset you at any cost.