WebHostingPad is among the oldest and also among the most popular web hosts in the market right now. You would have to be either clueless or have no knowledge about hosting to not know that name in this business.

Founded in 2005, the company focused on providing affordable hosting solutions to the masses and since then have ridden on low pricing to make a place for themselves in the industry. Although it is still unclear if a single person created this company, the company itself takes the stance that it was created by a group of focused individuals rather than a single person.

The thing that WebHostingPad (WHP) is known for is affordability more than anything else. The services are unbelievably cheap, like buying a candy cheap, at least a rather expensive one. But here is the thing, is that all they are known for? I mean, it is good for those looking at a tight budget, but what about the rest of us?

So, I used their hosting for a year now to check if that’s everything that WHP has to offer and fortunately for them and ourselves, it’s not.

But then again, that’s my opinion. So, feel free to read through and decide for yourself if the low prices are a steal or a train wreck waiting to happen.

Customer Support

Let’s start with customer support. Before I get to what they do right however, I will give you a background of what makes support so important.

Hosting is a very technical industry and if you are not technically equipped, you could be in some serious trouble without the help of customer service reps. For instance, let’s say your website is down right in the middle of rush hour with traffic in the thousands.

This means loss of money for you and the only way out is your reps helping you solve the issue. You can guess how important it is and yet, it is rather hard to believe that most companies screw this up.

I have had a good experience with their customer support. I was responded to instantly and the issues or queries were resolved fairly fast. But I did find some reviews online that were not happy with their service. So that’s a bit of a so-so.

It’s as Cheap as Buying a Candy

If there is one thing that WHP has going for them, and undeniably so, are the prices. It is the cheapest offering you will find on the market except for perhaps iPage’s slimmest offering, but that is a sugar cube disguised as candy and is almost utterly useless in everything but name.

You can get a decent plan here for under two bucks. Of course, even WHP’s cheapest offerings have some strings attached, but I found it fairly worth it.

The Security Enhancements

Unless you have been off the grid or been living under the rock for the last decade or so, you should already know the state of cybersecurity in the world of tech.

 This, instead of giving incentives to the companies to improve their overall security, presents them with an opportunity to make more money out of the security. Most companies charge extra for security features or offer it as an upsell.

WebHostingPad though does it differently. They provide a couple of tools and also throw in an Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine for their WordPress hosting plans.

Now that you know what’s what, it’s your choice to make.