A2 Hosting doesn’t need any introduction. A company that has been providing reliable web-hosting since 2001, do you think there would be any reasons to introduce such a company? And that’s not even the best part about it. You can just purchase web hosting from A2 just at $2.96/mo.!

Well, it is quite hard for people to believe that as most web hosting providers tend to charge a lot higher. But the benefits provided by A2 Hosting don’t end there. In fact, they offer a lot of features in this $2.96 bracket itself.

If you happen to look for web hosting provider then A2 Hosting is the right one for you. You might ask Why this is the right one? Well, here are some of the best features of A2 Hosting that would make you choose them over other hosting providers.

The Features Offered By A2 Hosting

Here are some of the amazing features of A2 Hosting.

Uptime& Speed:

The most important factor that one should check before choosing Web hosting is Uptime. As a matter of fact, most hosting providers claim to provide 99.99% uptime but that turns out to be nothing more than a hoax. But A2 Hosting is quite different in this case, they provide legitimate 99.99% uptime.

Along with that speed is also an important issue that needs to be factored in before choosing the best web hosting. Well, speed is one of the best features of A2 Hosting as they use SSD’s and Turbo servers and because of that they are 20x faster hen the normal service providers.


Data Centres:

A2 has three data centres spread across the globe. They have one is USA, one in Europe and another in Asia, so, whichever seems close to you can choose that and this will enhance the speed and performance of your site.

But that’s not all, these data centres are monitored 24/7, so that there won’t be any breach or whatsoever. The security is very tight there as they have installed camera surveillance and along with that, they have also appointed top-notch security personals. Another interesting fact is that these servers are only exclusively owned by A2.


They offer a standard control panel in the form if cPanel which can be easily used by both experienced and newbie webmasters. So, if you happen to be a newbie, well, you don’t have to be worried about it as the interface of the cPanel is quite user friendly.

If you are running an eCommerce platform, then you would have some additional benefits as well. One of such is a free shopping cart, which can be used with just a single click and no complex coding or whatsoever is involved.

Customer Service:

The customer support crew of A2i is extremely good as they provide in-house expertise. A lot of other web hosting providers outsource their customer support and because of that the support system becomes poor. The A2 support-staff is called the Guru Crew Support. They are extremely good as they are professionals with great technical knowledge.

The best thing about their support crew is that they are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Any issues with your site and you can just call them up, or connect via live chat or you can even raise a ticket and get connected to them. The response time is also very quick.

Prices & Plan:

As you can see in the picture below, there are three hosting plans available with A2 Hosting. Well, let’s have a closer look at those plans.

  • Lite: This just being the base plan provided by A2 has quite a lot of amazing features. Well, first of all you will unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer and along with that you will also receive an easy site builder and some premium themes.

But that’s not the end, you will also receive free SSL certificate and also a money back guarantee (for 30days). A total of 5 databases and 25 email addresses will be provided to you for free. Did you happen to hear about any other web-hosting provider who gives all these away just at 2.96/mo.?

  • Swift: This has all the features of the Lite plan and also a few additional benefits. You will receive unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage and along with also get unlimited data transfer. Along with that you will also receive unlimited email address and unlimited databases.

Just like the lite plan you will receive an easy site builder for free and free premium themes. Quite similarly to the last plan, this also has free SSL certificate, hassle free money back guarantee and 1-click optimized WordPress setup. Anyone else offering such benefits at 3.70/mo.?

  • Turbo: The turbo plan is the best plan that is available with A2 Hosting. The features that are available in this plan is the same. Well, same won’t be an appropriate word as you get one more extra feature that makes this the best plan.

This plan comes with turbo servers and these servers are 20x faster than other servers. This feature will give you more resources per user and every server has fewer users and all these just at 7.03/mo.


A2 is one of the best web hosting providers that you can choose and that too at very low prices. Well, just look at the rates at which they are providing their services. There are no web hosting providers who can provide such features ant such kind of prices.

I would recommend that you choose A2 hosting over any other web hosting. In fact, I myself have been using their services for quite a long time and trust me when I say this, I have never been disappointed with their services.