FastComet is one of the newest web hosting company that was established in the year 2013. This company has its headquarters situated in San Francisco in California. With more than 50,000+ active clients from more than 80 countries and 20,000+ cloud nodes, this company has come really far. 

FastComet is one such company that is willing to stand apart from the crowd. It has been independent of the start. This means there are very few employees, nearly 70 more or less. They offer a wide range of services at the most affordable prices. 

FastComet is surprisingly not much popular than compared to other hosting providers like GoDaddy or HostGator, even if they provide you the most amazing features, fastest server speed, nearly 100% uptime, and more such. 

Let’s have a review Pros and Cons of FastComet hosting that will help you in making the right choice needed for you. Once you finish reading, you will be sure and make a decision if this hosting is the best for us and matches your requirements. 

Pros and Cons of FastComet : What We Like About FastComet

Solid Server Uptime Results

Suppose you are looking for a reliable hosting provider for your website that can offer your solid uptime and fast server response. FastComet offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which can notice on its website. 

You can get the best solid results for your website where you can accept an uptime of 100% all the time due to some technical issues, which is very obvious; you can get an uptime of 99.9%. 

The response time is steady, where it mostly stays under 200ms. You can easily keep a check on your website with an observer monitoring system where you will receive information on resources like inode, bandwidth, script, and more. 

Get a Choice to Choose Over 10 Server Locations 

One of the reasons why I love fast comes is because of the amazing options of data centers. You can get the option of picking any of your preferred locations. They have various data centers located in most of the corners of the world. Three servers are located in the USA, which are Newark, Dallas, and Chicago. 

Other locations are added in Toronto in Canada, Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, London in the United Kingdom, Mumbai in India, Sydney in Australia, Tokyo in Japan, and Singapore. However, there are still no locations available in locations of the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Money-Back Guarantee for 45 Days

It is very obvious that not all the beginners or various other new users are sure of which hosting is the right choice for them. If you are looking for a hosting that comes with a longer trial period, then FastComet is a great choice for you. 

This company stands out from the crowd when it comes to a money-back guarantee. 45 days is a great period, compared to other hosting providers who are offering a trial period for 30 days only. 

This means that you can get more than 15 days to check out their service and analyzing if this is the right choice for you. 

Get Free Cloudflare CDN

One more excellent feature that is provided by FastComet in order to improve the speed and performance of your website is Cloudflare CDN (Cloud Delivery Network). 

You will not be required to buy an additional subscription as it is available with all the hosting packages by default. This is one important feature as it helps the visitors from far locations to connect your website from a different data server. 

This is helpful in increasing your loading speed and increases your site performance. Cloudflare has its server infrastructure in almost every corner of the world. It has more than 100 data centers located in different countries. 

Security is Taken Seriously

Having a secure website is very important in order to make sure that none of your visitors have to face any kind of online threat. This hosting company uses a special application firewall that will help you in blocking up to 99% of any aggressive threats. This application is already optimized for various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and various other platforms. 

Also, in order to make sure that your files and website are not in danger as accounts are built with an isolated server, even if the same server is used by someone and yours is infected.

What We don’t Prefer About FastComet

No Additional Sites can be Added to Fast Cloud Plan

One thing that you may not like with a fast cloud hosting plan is that you will not be able to add multiple domains to your hosting plan. With this hosting, you can only add one hosting. 

This can be a little disadvantage if you don’t prefer this type of hosting. So, if you are looking to host more than one website, then considering other hosting plans is the best option.

Does not offer a Dedicated IP Address to Shared Hosting Users

If you are thinking of getting a Dedicated IP address on shared hosting plans, then you are really out of luck. A dedicated IP address is only offered for the users with VPS hosting plans, which can cost you a lot more. 

What more irritations is that you are not allowed to avail the services, even if willing to pay for getting an IP address. If you want a Dedicated IP address, then is no choice left than to upgrade your hosting plan to a better and higher one.

Do we Recommend FastComet? 

Yes, surely, FastComet is one of the best web hosting providers that is 100% perfect and the right choice for you. I am definitely impressed by the features they provide and the benefits one can get from FastComet. 

You can assuredly enjoy the best uptime and is one of the strongest hosting providers. There are various features that are available and also have a super friendly and supportive customer team. Choosing FastComet as your hosting provider is surely no mistake.