We are all quite aware of the fact that SiteGround is one of the best web hosts out there. The hosting plans available with SiteGround have some of the best features, and not just they come at very low prices too. The shared hosting plans available with Siteground come with a lot of premium features. Notably, the Growbig Shared Hosting Plan, this one is said to be the best one that one can get.

Since the Growbig Shared hosting plan is the best plan available with SiteGround, it comes with quite a lot of perks as well. So, today we will be discussing the Growbig SiteGround Hosting Plan in detail. First of all, let’s check the benefits of this hosting plan.

Benefits of Growbig Shared Hosting Plan:

This plan is very suitable for Bloggers who have quite a lot of experience, and even the newbie online business owners can also choose. Actually, any kind o WordPress user will be able to use this plan. Now about the benefits of this hosting plan.

  • The plan comes with a lot of freebies, and some of these are Free website migration, Free Cloudflare CDN, and free encrypted SSL certificates.
  • Anti Bot Artificial Intelligence system is one of the advanced features, and even that is available with this plan, and along with this, you also get an NGNIX server and latest PHP7 version.
  • Daily Auto backups and One-Click WordPress Installation are also available with this plan.
  • 24/7 customer support and SSD storage are some of the other perks of this hosting plan.

Well, since we are done with the benefits of this web hosting plan, now check the features of the plan.

Features of Growbig Siteground Hosting Plan:

Here are some of the features of the Growbig Siteground hosting plan. These features mentioned here are some of the major features of this plan, but apart from these, there are other features as well.


Speed is the most important thing to consider when choosing web hosting, and this is one of the key features that have helped SiteGround to develop as a huge web host as it is now. They’ve built-in so much great hardware and software to deliver great speed. After conducting a few tests, it was found that this plan has a speed of this plan is 3x higher than the plans available with other hosting providers of the same level.


SiteGround is one of the few that takes uptime very seriously and are thus the best hosting companies in terms of uptime. From the study we have carried out, it was found that there was no downtime from their side. So, you can quite well say that they have negligible downtime issues, and the uptime is quite close to 99.99%.

So, these are some of the features of the Growbig Siteground Hosting plan, and apart from that, there are other plans as well. So, if you are planning to go for this, then get it as soon as possible.