Google Algorithms are very important for a website to rank on top of the search engine result page. These algorithms are nothing but programs that are used by google bot or spiders to crawl and index the data in their centers to rank them. There are many new google algorithm that comes every passing year.

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Have a look on the most 5 important algorithms by google for ranking.

Panda – Panda is one of the most important algorithms which was launched in the year 2011 on 24th February. This algorithm is very much important as it works on the basis of quality score. If you want to get high quality score then you will also need to focus on high quality content. With high quality you will also need to have those post which are relevant to what users are looking for. Avoid duplication of post or spinning articles.

Penguin – Panda is one of the most significant algorithms by google which was launched in the year 2012 on 24th April. This algorithm also plays an important role as it can trigger whenever the sites is gaining any low-quality backlinks or if there is too much of keyword stuffing done in the content section part. It can also trigger when google catches that the links are bought or have low anchor text diversification.

Pigeon – Panda is one of the most important algorithms by google which was launched in the year 2014 on 24th July. Pigeon is more like a two-coin algorithm which is mainly focused or built for traditional web search and local search. This algorithm is mainly to be focused by business people where will be required to focus on those type of keywords which can be based upon a location with the picture of that location plus, they will also need to focus on building links from trusted sources.

Mobilegeddon – Mobilegeddon is another important google algorithm which was launched in the year 2015 on 21th April. This algorithm is was mainly built when smart phones went trendy as most of researches were done either on smart phones or on tablets. You will need to have a high loading speed and also mobile friendly so that it doesn’t go down.

These are some of the most essential google algorithm that everyone should concentrate on to rank easily and avoid making any kind of errors. Keep visiting to know more.