Feature writing is one of the best ways to share the purpose of an explanation or some interpretation. It delivers the information in the form of a narration in such a way as if we are sharing some personal experience. It either uses the author’s experience or a third person narrating the story to the reader. The readers can gain a perfect understanding of any event or an experience or even some phenomenon. It will also involve the reader’s emotions and offers a feeling of a self-experience throughout the essay.

There are some characteristics which describe how a feature report will appear like. A feature writing will always move through the story and will also consist of story facts like background, details and testimony. It will deliver information about the topic who is experiencing the story within.

It is always detailed, descriptive and is a vivid form of writing. The writer’s main goal is to engage the reader in story. It will also consist of dialogues which can be limited to the writer and he can decide about it. The feature write ups are most importantly human interest story essay which particularly focus on people, places and also events.

Feature writing is very researched and descriptive and can be also made colourful and thoughtful. It covers all the topics in depth and also explains the most interesting and important elements of some situation or some occurrence.

They are popular content elements of some newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. Most of the information is delivered through feature writing. The power of the feature story lies in its ability to focus on an issue and express human appeal.

When you are writing a feature report, certain guidelines need to be followed. It takes a specific format and report outline. There will be title, introduction, body of story and conclusion. The feature focuses on the narrative and proceeds in a chronological manner. The title of the report should grab the reader’s attention and keep them reading. It should highlight the general topic of the story.

The introduction can be done with some background information which is relevant to story and should create relationship between the reader and writer. Body of the report can be broken into subheadings. It can also include pictures and illustrations.

The conclusion should leave a lasting impression on the reader. It should provoke some kind of reactions. It should encourage a change of opinion on the part of the reader.